Virtual Office

The requirements of doing business in a changing world are changing rapidly. After the concept of Homeofis, the business world has come up with a new concept: Virtual Office. A physical office is no longer a real job.

Utilizing the virtual office packages offered by the İsti Office, you can enjoy the benefits of a real office at your own leisure and at a very low cost.

The virtual office saves you from all the burden of having a traditional office. You will get rid of the burden of renting the office, furnishing, technical infrastructure, and fixed costs like personnel salaries, rent, electricity, water, natural gas. You will not worry about heating-cooling problems, you will not worry about office cleanliness, neighbors relations, so you can concentrate on your main business.

Thanks to the virtual office facilities offered by the İsti Office, you can get rid of the disadvantages of working as homeofis or freelance, have a prestigious office address and a professional secretary service.

Your cargo and mailings are carefully followed by our expert staff, and your cargo is directed to your desired address when you are informed about the subject.

The phone numbers assigned to your company are opened with the company name and your customers are answered with an institutional approach. Calls arriving in accordance with your demands will be directed to you immediately or you will be notified by email.

So whether you are an office or even a real office, you are in the center of the business world, in the prestigious position, you are in the comfort of doing business with professional workers.