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The office ready offices include:
• A furnished office,
• A receptionist for you
• Secretarial services and a personal assistant
• Fully equipped meeting rooms and daily packages
• Unlimited and high speed internet infrastructure.
• Open kitchen with tea and coffee machine

How can I navigate your ready offices?
We believe that you should see with your own eyes to better understand the Office. Please ask for an appointment. We are pleased to introduce our office to you.

Ready Office Contract Time How Much?
You can make contracts with the office starting at 1 month.

What is Virtual Office?
Isti Office; The Virtual Office includes everything related to the office. You can work from home or from anywhere, have a professional team at no cost, and enjoy the facilities and infrastructure of an enterprise company. It will help you reduce your operating expenses and expenses by up to 90%, including office rent, recruitment and training of the right staff, withholding, brokerage commission and technological infrastructure.

How can I work from home with Virtual Office?
If you are working from home or anywhere, the Office will add professional image and prestige to you and your company.

The scope of Virtual Office includes the following services;
• A prestigious corporate address
• A local business
telephone number • A dedicated assistant managing your calls

What are the costs involved in Virtual Office? Are There Any Hidden Costs?
There is no hidden cost. It will be a fixed cost: monthly Virtual Office membership fee. My charges you for additional services based on usage. So you only pay for things you use. You will not pay for what you do not use, you will create a cost advantage.

How Can You Be an Office Member?
You will not believe how easy it is to participate in the Virtual Office Revolution. To register, simply select one of the packages or packages and a preferred location, and enter your credit card information. Your subscription will become fully active in less than 5 minutes! Contact us for more information.

Virtual Office Contract Time How Much?
You can make contracts with the office starting at 1 month.

Can the Office provide a receptionist to answer my calls on behalf of my company?
Yeah. Having any of our packages that host our phone call service is enough to have this service.

Isti Office Family With the İsti Ofis Family , a networking service specially developed for our customers, you can:
• Create new business environments,
• Establish new business connections,
• Access a wide range of potential customer portfolios.

How can I join the Isti Office Family?
If you want to benefit from İsti Office services, you can send an e-mail to or call us on 0 850 724 00 40.

Do I have to change my company phone numbers?
Of course no … You can direct us to your existing company phone numbers and start using the Office Office Secretariat Services.

I do not have my landline phone number; I use my own mobile phone. What do I need to do to get a new phone number?
Nothing! We will provide you with a fixed phone number upon request and your new phone number will connect you to the phone you wish to receive.

Is a real person answering our phones or an automatic sound system?
Of course he’s a real person! Every phone that comes to your company is answered by a secretary who is able to speak properly, speak English well on the level, manage the intensive telephone traffic, manage the dictation properly, receive messages,

What days and what time do you work?
We are at your service seven days a week, 24 hours a day and seven days a week … Now you will not be missed at the end of the week, nor will your annual vacation be “Who will take care of the phones?”

What is the difference between call centers and Virtual Secretariat?
The most important difference is that the service we give you is specially designed for you and it can be shaped according to your needs. The secretary assigned to you is specific to your company; You will be trained in matters such as your company’s employees, needs, special customers, your employees or your customers, and will be able to take action in response to incoming calls (for example, a new customer or an emergency).
Moreover, our secretaries work as if they were in your office, and they create perception in this direction. They create a human, positive and prestigious communication environment with all your business partners and customers.

When my company gets a call, my secretary at Isti Office will open this phone by saying what?
Your client will meet a professionally prepared IVR announcement; “Welcome to Sample Construction, the person you are looking for …” then your secretary; “Good afternoon example construction …” or if you have a standard announcement you want to use, we can use it.

How do you transfer incoming calls to me?
A standard call greeting process is as follows:
• Our secretary learns the answers when he rings, the caller, the person searched, and briefly the reason for the call.
• The incoming call is held and reaches the desired number (size).
• Ask if you want to discuss by specifying the outline of the call (the caller and briefly the reason for the call).
• If you do not accept the call, the phone ties and comes out.
• If you do not want to see the call, tell the caller that you can not reach him and pick up your message and send it to you via e-mail.
Important Note: Apart from this standard application, you can change the procedure according to your different expectations and needs,

Would you be able to connect incoming phones to mobile phones or evictions?
Of course! We can connect to your company wherever you want calls from your company.

How do you know if I am eligible for a phone connection?
The incoming call meets (the phone answers), it will wait and we will reach you. We ask the person you are calling and briefly the reason for the call to ask whether you want to talk.

What if I do not want you to connect the phone?
If you do not want to meet or you do not agree, we will get your message by telling the caller that we have not been able to reach you (or if you want to be given a different information) and we will email you this message.

How can I get messages and faxes?
All your messages and faxes are immediately sent to the email address you have provided us. You can also get your messages from your e-mail box at any time.

Is this an expensive service? How much am I going to pay?
Today, the total amount of running an experienced assistant (including the cost of your minimum wage, legal allowances such as food, travel, and tax) is approximately $ 3.000 per month. With this amount of money you can take the Virtual Office Secretariat service for almost longer than a year. Moreover, the service you receive from the Isti Office will not be compared with traditional methods; Infrastructure, technology, professionalism and image.

I have more than one company? Can I get the same service for my different companies?
Of course! With a small price difference, your companies can share costs.

Which countries do you serve?
We serve all domestic and foreign companies, representative offices or liaison offices all over the world who are operating and / or wanting to operate within the borders of Turkey.

What is the duration of your service contracts?
We reserve the right to terminate your agreement at any time during the trial period, working under one-year contracts.

What happens at the end of the service contract?
The contract shall be deemed to have been renewed automatically unless you give your written notice of termination of the contract for at least three months to the end of your contract.

How do I get started?
Signing the service contract is enough! Our specialists will visit your company and fill out the request forms with your employees, managers or you. These forms will be used to train you and our operators to get to know you better and fulfill your claims.

Who uses it?
• Lawyers, Attorneys’ Offices
• Financial Consultants
• Real Estate Agencies •
Software Companies
• Consulting Companies
• Marketing Companies
• All professions engaged in Free-Lance business
• Computers
• Boat and yacht brokers
• Public Relations and Organization Companies
• Professional Life Coaches
• Entertainment Sector
• Home-Office employees
• Contact Bulls
• Non-profit organizations
• Human Resources Companies
• Anyone who wants to make their business better, more corporate, more profitable, more professional!